in St. Paul, Minnesota in late October/November 1929. When the corroded patent plate was removed, the original paint was finally revealed. It was Mountain Brown, a color Ford offered for October/November/December 1929 Coupes and Tudor Sedans. I have heard stories that a Ford employee made a mistake mixing a large batch of paint, and Ford, who was notorious about waste, offered the off-color paint as an option. Was it Mountain Brown? True or not, how can one not like a story like that?

The Coupe has been fully-restored and maintained. Unlike the Tudor, I fabricated the interior from scratch. I kept everything as authentic as possible, including the passenger-side spare tire.

On the header above the windshield is a small photo of my dad in his WWII Army uniform. The photo is not correct for the era of the car, but somehow, it belongs in that spot. I don't think he'd mind. After all, it all started with him. I would never have thought his story of his roadster, told so many times so many years ago, would turn into a hobby and then into a sideline vocation, while providing me with a lifetime of interest in a long-gone era.

In the history of my family, there were many stories about automobiles. This one is mine.

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