Reproduction Assist Straps for various makes of antique automobiles are now available by special order. These are an ongoing, evolving project as I continue to search for more authentic fabrics and materials and learn about the different styles and colors.

I am not an authority on these; I am trying to fill a need and assist other restorers.

At the present time, Assist Straps for Model A Sedans are available in a woven fabric that mimics the look of originals. The fabric has a metallic gold thread woven throughout, creating the small gold dots similar to the original weave. The top of the strap is finished with a crochet lace dyed a dull antique gold, similar in design and color to originals. Straps are available in Brown and Green. Because I dye the fabric as needed, Straps for other Model A interior colors will be considered and accepted based on the original design.

Original Model A Assist Straps were made of a seamless tube of woven fabric, with a stiff webbing or leather-like insert. My reproduction straps have a seam in the inside of the loop and a stiff webbing insert. When reproducing straps for other makes of automobiles, I need to have originals (or what remains of them) in order to try to duplicate. Some makes of straps were made of a belting woven especially for the make of the automobile. I may or may not be able to recreate these straps, since a similar belting may no longer be available. I will try to suggest alternatives. Model A rope-style hand assists with a ball at the base (similar to my tassel) are not available and I may or may not be able to restore originals. Many materials and components are simply no longer available, but I will try to do what I can. Please send photos of your originals so I have an idea of their condition. Aftermarket straps and straps sewn with a binding on both outside edges (reproductions made by Le Baron Bonney) will not be accepted for duplication.

All Assist Straps are mounted on the Customer's Own Hardware. I do not provide mounting brackets or screws. If you are using original brackets that need restoration, please arrange to have them refinished and/or plated before sending to me. Rusted, damaged, or misshapen brackets will not be accepted. I do NOT recommend silver paint! Reproduction brackets are available from Model A Parts Suppliers, usually in a nickel finish. The brackets are available with either vertical screw holes or horizontal screw holes, depending on the year and model of your vehicle. Brackets for other makes may be available from parts suppliers or located at swap meets, eBay, or on-line chat rooms geared specifically for your make of automobile.


Assist Straps (as shown / on Customer's Own Hardware) are priced at $93.00 per pair. (Ohio Residents must add $6.98 Sales Tax.) Please add $14.00 for Handling, Shipping and Insurance per pair. All other styles, makes or colors will be quoted.

Please email me at for inquiries or before sending an order.

Brown Assist Straps with woven gold pattern, gold crochet top. An original strap is on the right.

Green Assist Straps with woven gold pattern, gold crochet