Removal of your existing or original interior; this will be returned to you;
Expert installation of your Kit Interior, including headliner, body and door panels, windlace, cowl panels, seat upholstery and rumble seat upholstery;
Full or partial installations; 
Replacement of interior door hardware and window trim post-installation; 
Restoration and replacement of closed-car window shades;
Installation of interior period accessories, such as header clocks, rear view mirrors, flower vases;
Installation of floor mats and carpeting;
Installation of Kit Tops on closed and open cars;
Custom sewing services for lap robes, pillows, seat covers and accessory trunk covers.

  I have filled requests for restoration of era clothing, millinery, era fashions reproductions and various other     unusual sewing and handiwork items in fabric, leather and paper. Send me an email describing your project     and I will let you know if I can be of service!


Non-authentic service requests, such as polyester or foam fillers, sound-proofing or modern fabrics will be considered, but may not be accepted.

If a Kit Interior is not available for your vehicle, we can discuss the option of a made-to-order interior. If your vehicle does not have the original interior to duplicate or use as a pattern, I am able to do sourcing and research at an hourly rate. Please contact me for more details and provide year, make and model of your antique automobile.