Kit Interiors are great! Using your selected fabrics, the fabrication and sewing have been done. Now it's ready to be installed in your automobile. For those restorers who do not wish to install their Kits themselves, my installation services may be your answer.

Why use my Installation Services?

          Even the best Kit Interiors sometimes need adjustment or fine tuning for a true professional fit. Kit Manufacturers use standardized pattern templates for specific years and models. Your car may have rolled off an assembly line when new, but over the years it acquired its own uniqueness. Many factors contribute to the overall fit of the interior components: shifting body panels, any or all replacement parts and panels, reproduction springs, even shrinkage of original wood components.

          I will make minor adjustments to the fabricated Kit components when necessary to ensure correct fit and appearance. This applies to body panels as well as seat upholstery. If a major adjustment or reconfiguration is required, the manufacturer of the Kit should be contacted. They will determine if the component was made incorrectly and take necessary remedial steps. Please be aware that if your automobile has been modified from the original in any way, the Kit Manufacturer will not be responsible for remaking the component. Restorers should thoroughly inspect and review their car interiors for any alterations or non-original parts. If necessary, inform the Kit Manufacturer of any variances before you order your Kit. Kit Manufacturers will work with you to ensure you will receive the best Kit possible.

Is your interior an original?

          If your car has its original interior, or even partial interior, do not destroy or discard the parts. They can be used as reference and guidelines for ordering your new upholstery. Even badly-faded fabric sometimes reveals its original color on the undersides or seam allowances that have long been hidden from view. Original components should be retained if they exhibit variances from standard factory-installed interiors. This is especially-important if you are entering your vehicle in a Fine Point judging as you will be rquired to validate any variances.

Thoroughly photograph the original interior before removal and identify and retain all components.

          First and foremost, I give personal attention to every vehicle I work on. I install one vehicle at a time in my temperature-controlled garage at my home in Columbus, Ohio. Every effort is made to install the interior as close to the original as possible. With few exceptions, only fasteners appropriate for the age of the car and suitable to the component are used. This includes steel tacks and brads rather than staples. Seat upholstery for select models may utilize hog rings for attaching to the metal spring frames where there is no wood framework (note: this may or may not be authentic, but if the original fabric was crimped in the spring frame, it may not be possible to duplicate it). Era-correct fillers and padding, usually provided with the Kit are used where required. Cowl panels and rumble seat panels are installed as originals, as well as the finishing panel on coupe and roadster seat backs that are exposed inside vehicles with trunks or rumble seats.